Conspiracy of Shadows

By Keith Senkowski

The world we live in... It is a lie forced upon us by those shadowy powers that forced the Event upon us. Before that insubstantial point in history the world was a very different place, that was slowly, but surely moving to a place of enlightenment. After they had their way, that all came to a violent end, and now. Now they work hard to make sure you believe what they want you to believe, about people and history.

This site and the works found within are an attempt to recreate from the shadows and echoes of the world that was. It is my attempt to reveal to the world the magic of our true past and thereby unravel the conspiracy that has ensnared us all.

Currently I am working on recreating from illuminations a true Tarot Deck, which in the real world translates into a Tapestry Deck. The decks people think of as real and full of power are simply echoes... shadows of an item that carried true power and prophecy. You can see my progress (click the menu) as I recreate this ancient artifact of wonder.

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